lee clackson
Lee Clackson lives and works as a photographic artist and lecturer in Cornwall in the South West of England. Lee studied at the University of Plymouth and is currently working on several projects concerning the topographic and social impact of the development of our land and space.

featured work- 'a place by the sea'
Living working and surfing on the north coast of Cornwall lees life is bound up with the wild and rural coastline of the area spending time in the water surfing and contemplating the changing nature of the costal landscape led to the ongoing series of images 'a place by the sea'
The area is undergoing a mass influx of luxury flats being built on the sites of previous hotels in a once vibrant holiday resort. The result is a sense of the local people being passed by, and of being the victim of someone elses vision for the future of their town, there is a feeling of having no control over their own future. The holiday rentals spreading around the town are available to those with the kind of money that cannot be earned in this part of the country. The result as the population is more and more seasonal is the destruction of a community and the creation of a summer theme park.